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Educational agency «Excel-Education» is delighted to annouce that a new direction of its activity has been opened. You can now take advantage of this incredible and unique opportinuty to study in Ukraine.
"Higher education in Ukraine" means more than a thousand schools of various levels of accreditation and of different forms of ownership. Today universities in Ukraine prepare professionals in 77 areas, and approximately four hundred majors are provided for expert (specialist’s) and master's degrees.
Ukrainian higher educational establishments are well known not only in the country itself but also abroad.
Very importantly, in March 2005, Ukraine joined the Bologna process and became an active participant in the development of pan-European standard in higher education.
Many of the universities in Ukraine are not only educational but also research and cultural centers. To date, the development of education in Ukraine is a priority for the country.
Graduates of the Ukrainian universities obtain a state diploma. Ukrainian Universities assist in the international legalization of diplomas with the help of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Universities of Ukraine are preparing students for the following levels:
• Bachelor’s Degree;
• Specialist;
• Master's degree.

Most universities have special preparatory courses for foreigners. Throughout the year they are studying Russian or Ukrainian language, as well as core subjects. Also, some universities offer foreign students training in English.

Our services in organizing training for foreign students in universities of Ukraine include:
1. Help in choosing a university and a specialty
2. Help in obtaining invitations and other documents required for admission to the university
3. Arrangement of a visa support
4. Arrangement of transfer and/or accommodation
5. Help in obtaining health insurance
6. Translation of documents

In addition, please find below more detailed information about Universities of Kiev – the capital of Ukraine – which offer a variety of educational programs for foreign students.

   Educational Establishments  Faculties  Additional Information  web-site  
   National Aviation University  Aircraft Faculty, Mechanics & Energetics Faculty, Aerospace Control Systems Faculty, Faculty of Electronics, Faculty of Information Technologies, Telecommunication & Security of Information, Faculty of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Computer Systems, Faculty of Airport Design, Architecture & Design Faculty, Environment Protection Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Air Transport Technologies, Management & Logistics Faculty, Faculty of International Information and Law, International Economic Relations Faculty, Air & Space Law Institute, Psychology & Sociology Faculty, Faculty of Linguistics  – Availability of preparatory faculty
– Foreign students are provided with hostel  More Information...
   Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv  Faculty of Geography, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of History, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Faculty of Radiophysics, Faculty of Cybernetics, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Law, "Educational and Scientific Centre ""Institute of Biology""", Institute of Journalism, Institute of International Relations, Institute of Postgraduate Education, Institute of Philology, Institute of High Technologies  – Availability of preparatory faculty
– Foreign students are provided with hoste  
   National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine  Education and Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, Education and Research Institute of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts, Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park-Gardening, Education and Research Institute of Animal Science and Water Bioresources, Education and Research Institute of Continuing education, Education and Research Institute of Plant Science and Soil Science, Educational and Research Technical Institute, Education and Research Institute of Nature Protection and Biotechnologies, Education and Research Institute of Business, Education and Research Institute of Energetic and Automation, Education and Research Institute of Quality and Standardization of provisions and food technologies   – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  
   Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture  Faculty of Building and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of geoinformation systems and management of areas, Faculty of Plumbing, Faculty of Automation and Information Technology, Faculty of Construction Engineering  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  
   Kyiv National Linguistic University  Faculty of Economy and Law, Faculty of Germanic Philology, Faculty of Romanic Philology, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Faculty of Translation, Faculty of Slavic Philology  – Foreign students are provided with hostel  
   O. O . Bogomolets National Medical University  Medical School within 4 faculties of “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Preventive Care”, including programs, available in English, School of Military Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, School of Medical Psychology, School for continuing education for Trainers, School for Postgraduate Training in Preventive Care Medicine  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  More Information...
   National Pedagogical Dragomanov University  Physics and Mathematics Institute, Institute of Philosophy Education and Science, Institute of Physical training and Sports, Institute of Humanities and Technical Education, Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Foreign Studies, Institute of Historical Education, Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology, Institute of Arts, Institute of Natural and Geographical Education and Ecology, Institute of Political Science and Law, Institute of Child Development, Institute of Social Psychology and Management   – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English⟨=en  
 National Technikal University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"  Institute of Applied System Analysis, Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Physics and Technology, Institute of Publishing and Printing, Institute of Telecommunication Systems, College of Aircraft and Space Systems, College of Applied Mathematics, College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, College of Chemical Engineering, College of Chemical Technology, College of Electric Power Engineering and Automation, College of Electronics, College of Heat Power Engineering, College of Informatics and Computer Science, College of Instrument Design and Engineering, College of Linguistics, College of Management and Marketing, Intercollegiate College of Medical Engineering, College of Physics and Engineering, College of Physics and Mathematics, College of Radio Engineering, College of Social Sciences and Law, Welding Faculty  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English
- Availability of preparatory faculty  More Information...
   Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design  Faculty of Light Industry Technologies (Technologies for Textile and Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries), Faculty of Design, Engineering and Economics Faculty, Faculty of Technological Equipment and Control Systems, Faculty of Chemical Technologies  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  
   National University of Food Technologies  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Packing Technologies, Faculty of Power Engineering and Energy Management, Faculty of Automation and Computer Systems, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Business, Faculty of Biotechnology and Environmental management, Faculty of Fermentation and Sugar Industry, Faculty of bakery and confectionery production, Faculty of Meat and Dairy, Perfumery and Cosmetics Products, Faculty of Recreational Products Technology and Food Expertise, Faculty of Hotel-Restaurant Business and Tourism  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  
  Kyiv National Economic University   Economics and Management Faculty, International Economy and Management Faculty, Faculty of law sciences, Human Resource Management and Marketing Faculty, Accounting and economics faculty, Agroindustrial Sector Economics Faculty, Credit and Economics faculty, Finance and Economics faculty, Information Systems and Technologies Faculty  – Foreign students are provided with hostel
– Availability of training programs in English  
   The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management  Institute of International Economics, Finance and Information Technology, Institute of Management and Business, Institute of Social Science and Self-Government, Institute of Law, Telecommunications, Institute of International Relations and Linguistics   – Foreign students are provided with hostel  

We would be most happy to provide you with additional information upon request. Please email us at [email protected] or call +38 044 248 96 42, +38 044 248 96 41(phone/fax)

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